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Twitch streamer turns flute into a Warzone PC controller

A musical Twitch streamer has transformed a plastic flute into a Warzone PC controller, and they even deliver a sniper kill by tooting jaunty notes

Twitch streamer Deano playing Warzone with a recorder flute

A Warzone Twitch streamer has transformed a flute into a PC controller, and they even managed to get a sniper kill using just musical notes. No, it’s not magic, and the content creator isn’t some sort of weird FPS game snake charmer, but watching the player gun down enemies with a jaunty tune is both remarkable and hilarious

In a short clip, musical Twitch Streamer DeanoBeano snipes a Warzone player using a recorder – one of those annoying plastic flute family instruments from your childhood. By playing specific notes on the instrument, the content creator is able to line up the perfect shot with a scoped rifle and deliver a death blow with a final toot.

So, if it’s not Warzone warlock magic, then what is it? Well, the PC controller setup essentially translates audio notes into instructions using a mic and a MIDI to keyboard input converter, but it admittedly looks like technical witchcraft at a glance. Of course, Deano isn’t the only steamer that has an aversion to conventional controls, as we previously witnessed an Elden Ring harp player take down Margit using similar tech.

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Sniping enemies in competitive FPS games like Warzone is hard enough, but pulling off the shot by playing musical notes is a different thing entirely. That’s not to say you should follow in the streamer’s footsteps, but taking down someone using the best PC controller or keyboard and mouse would undeniably add an extra layer of hilarious satisfaction to the shooter.

It’s also worth noting that Deano plays more than the recorder, as they have played matches using drums, guitar, and even Donkey Konga Gamecube bongos in the past. Thankfully, the creator’s YouTube channel serves as a musical PC shenanigans archive, so check it out if you’re in need of a laugh.