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All the vehicles you can find in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Every single method of steering your teammates away from - or to - their untimely demise

Two vehicles in Call of Duty Warzone

Looking for a list of all Call of Duty Warzone Pacific vehicles? The zone in Call of Duty Warzone is a powerful toxic gas that obliterates your health. Even during the earliest rounds it does serious damage, so you’ll want to avoid it at all costs. It’s also surprisingly fast moving; you can only just outpace it on foot. Unless you fancy forking out for a gas mask at one of the many buy stations, you’ll want to make sure you stay far away from the fatal fumes – and the best way to put distance between you is by zooming away in a vehicle.

There are nine different Call of Duty Warzone Pacific vehicles available in Vanguard Royale, all with different speeds, protection levels, capacities, and offroad suitability. The regular battle royale mode doesn’t feature fighter planes, but you should find every other vehicle on Caldera. All vehicles have a health meter – when it runs out, your vehicle will explode spectacularly, killing any passengers and bystanders in the vicinity. Try to avoid that.

Vehicles in battle royale games are useful for more than just outrunning the circle – they’re also great for scouting, repositioning, and trolling your teammates. Here’s everything you need to know about the individual Warzone Pacific vehicles.

The vehicles in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific are:

The ATV in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific's preview menu


ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to take this speedy four-wheeler over the bumpy off-road terrain of the CoD Warzone map. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of protection, so if you get sniped – or screw up and flip the thing over – you’re not going to be happy. There are two seats on the ATV, so you can take a friend on your romp across the hills, but the third member of your trio will have to schlep it on foot.

Tactical Rover

The Tactical Rover is a decent all-around vehicle, providing four seats, so you can all pile in for the ride. It provides only minimal protection, but is decently fast and also reasonably good off-road.

Cargo Truck

Make all your trucking dreams come true in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific – these broad bois will hold your squad plus extra equipment. You’ll be pretty darn conspicuous as you trundle along, but fortunately the Cargo Truck provides excellent protection from enemy fire. Just don’t try to take it off-road, unless you’re looking to make friends with a ditch. Oh, and one last thing: try to come to a complete stop when parking this on a hill as they have a tendency to roll, leading to some sub-optimal plays.


New to Warzone Pacific and Caldera is the Utility Truck, an armoured version of the regular Cargo Truck. Despite the added weight, the Utility Truck manages to maintain similar speed to its unprotected predecessor.


The Dirt Bike was added to Warzone at the beginning of Season 4. Though the bike features poor driving stats, it quickly established itself as the staple vehicle for solo and duo players to make their way around the map.


The helicopter holds four people, provides reasonable protection, and most importantly, it flies. This is the same chopper as you get in Modern Warfare’s Ground War maps so they’re pretty simple to control, but we’d wager it’s probably best if you don’t let that member of your squad pilot it. You know the one.

Fighter Plane

Experienced pilots can use the Warzone Pacific exclusive Fighter Plane to rain down bullets onto enemies on Caldera. The plane can only hold two soldiers and features a sonar ability, revealing enemy troops and legendary crates.


Another new vehicle added to Warzone Pacific, the Squad Transport is capable of carrying four players around Caldera with ease. The most important thing to know about this vehicle is that it takes a while for it to gear up to top speed – once it reaches full power, the Squad Transport moves faster than any ground vehicle in the game.

Squad Transport

The Squad Transport is similar to the Tactical Rover, but it sacrifices some speed and off-road capability for greater protection. This vehicle performs exceptionally well when fighting enemies in the woods, there aren’t many off-road vehicles that can rival the Squad Transport’s impressive suspension system.

And those are the best vehicles in Warzone Pacific. If you’re looking for meta defining loadouts to dominate your opponents, give our best Warzone loadout drop guide a read to get yourself set up.