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Call of Duty: WW2’s newest map, Aachen, is great for snipers and book lovers

Call of Duty: WWII Aachen Map

Sledgehammer Games have revealed Call of Duty: WWII’s newest map, Aachen. It’s a sniping paradise… or nightmare, depending on your playstyle.

I know, I know – we can’t play it yet on PC. But given a PC beta is coming, we reckon it’s worth showing you anyway. Whet the appetite a bit, y’know? 

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As reported by Dotesports, Aachen is described by lead multiplayer designer, Greg Reisdorf, as a medium-sized map “with a huge centre lane that will be great for snipers.” There’s also the smoldering ruins of apartments, a theatre, and even a bookstore, should you fancy breaking up your sniping with a literary break.

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