Sledgehammer launch a new Twitter account to collect Call of Duty: WW2 cheater reports

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Update, December 15: Sledgehammer have launched a new Twitter account to collect Call of Duty: WWII hacker reports.

Call of Duty has often had hacking problems, especially on PC where those cheating tools are much easier to access. The recently-released Call of Duty: WWII is no exception, and hacking issues have been with the game since the early days of the open beta. It’s to a point where Sledgehammer are opening up resources on third-party sites to deal with all the reports.

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Sledgehammer have launched a new Twitter account to collect reports, asking for players to provide Steam IDs and video evidence alongside the in-game report tool.

Call of Duty: WWII has proven far more popular than its controversial sci-fi predecessor, and according to SteamCharts it’s enjoyed player count to rival the fan favorite later entries in the Black Ops lineage, with peak player counts at 56,000 versus old records in the 60k range. More players, generally speaking, means more hackers, so it’s good to see Sledgehammer taking some more proactive steps to combat cheaters.

There’s already a subreddit for similar reports in WWII, and it’s been consistently active since the open beta.

Original story, October 2:Anecdotal reports of hackers in the COD: WW2 PC beta are popping up on Reddit with what feels like unusual frequency.

There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to gathering proof of cheating, and though it wasn’t founded solely because of the volume of issues in the beta (it was set up months ago after the success of an equivalent for the previous COD), ithasfilled up with reports pretty quickly.

There’s well over a page of reports for just over a weekend’s play.Gigabithk claims “every single game I join has hackers in it now,” while Styx-ie says they’ve “met about three so far.” MCYCShadow, NumbaN9na, Racksatte, and HyperHampster have all posted proof of multiple hackers in the same match.

There are also a couple of reports of hackers on theCOD: WW2 beta feedback thread– though most of the complaints there focus on crashes and connection issues. The discussion has even spilled over into r/Games, where this post by streamer JarekBloodDragon has over 3,522 upvotes and 600 replies, many of which report similar tales of woe. JarekBloodDragon says:

“It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a game in the WW2 open beta without there being an incredibly obvious hacker not trying to hide it… At one point I got five games in a row with these types of hackers, all different lobbies, all different hackers.”

Here’s the clip he posted:

Anecdotes all, but there are rather a lot of them. It’s the purpose of a beta to turn up issues like this, so here’s hoping developers Sledgehammer and Raven tighten up security before the finished game ships next month.