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Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC rises up today; double weapon XP all weekend

Gosh, verbs are tricky, aren’t they? ‘Rises up’ was supposed to sound more Les Mis than stomach bug, but you can never be quite sure.

Anyway. Black Ops 2: Revolution is home to five new maps, including a zombie level which sees China interpreted as a “dilapidated and dangerous MC Escher painting”, and it’s out on PC today. As per tradition, Treyarch have deigned to offer us double weapon XP over the weekend in celebration.

The XP bonanza will begin on Friday, March 1st at 10am PST, and come to an end at the same time on Monday, March 4th.

Black Ops’ last double XP weekend was scarcely a week ago. But whereas that offered a change to increase Prestige, Friday will see weapons ranked up at twice the normal rate.

Here’s Treyarch’s take on the concept of Revolution, in full:

  • Hydro – This large map allows you to use the dam and water to your advantage to block paths and stop enemies.
  • Downhill – A medium-sized map based in the French Alps complete with snow, chair lifts, and a strategically placed lodge.
  • Grind – Set within the locale of the Venice, California boardwalk, this small skate park map is sure to deliver fast and frenetic Call of Duty action.
  • Mirage – This Gobi Desert multiplayer map utilizes sand dunes to provide different levels of elevation and a sanctuary in the center as a natural chokepoint.
  • Zombies – Die Rise – The Zombie apocalypse has invaded China, turning downtown into a dilapidated and dangerous MC Escher painting.
  • Peacekeeper SMG – This impressive sub-machine gun fills the open weapon slot in your load-out with power and accuracy.

Upon further consideration, I suppose that zombies might be precisely the right kind of ground swell militia to have onside while staging a revolution. I’ll call it now, though: they’d be terrible at forming a basic republic or constitutional monarchy in a corrupt government’s stead. Really awful.

Revolution costs $14.99. Have any of you lot bought it yet?

Thanks, CodBlog.

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louisc avatarJeremy Peel avatar
louisc Avatar
5 Years ago

I purchased the season pass. I live in South Africa, I have not yet seen anything available for download on Steam. When will it become available? A certain time?

Jeremy Peel Avatar
5 Years ago

Mmm, no specific timescale given I'm afraid - though it's reportedly already available on PSN this morning.

How's the season pass serving you, out of interest? Worth it?

louisc Avatar
5 Years ago

I do think it is worth it, even though its only saving me a couple of $, it's nice to know I am sorted for the rest of the year and I will have all the latest maps and mods as they get released. Thanks for your reply btw.

louisc Avatar
5 Years ago

To answer my own question. Revolution for PC will be available around 10am PST/1pm EST. That is 8pm in South Africa (CAT).