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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.18 reduces lag and lays groundwork for server optimisations


Even with Black Ops 2 just around the corner work is still being down to Modern Warfare 3. The latest patch works out a few more issues with lag and adds support for collection 4.

Details after the break.

You’ll need to scroll down a wee bit through Infinity Ward’s collective patch historyto find the details for the new patch but they’re there. Handily, I’ve cut them out for you:

  • Support for Collection 4
  • Significantly reduced lag spikes caused when someone joined a match in progress.
  • Added more matchmaking/performance telemetry to allow us optimize to our backend servers.
  • New networking code improvements to be initially rolled out in the Domination playlist October 10th, mid-morning with more playlists to come.

Fine work girls and guys at Infinity Ward, fine work.

If that first bullet point sounds a little alien, Collection 4 is the final DLC pack for Modern Warfare 3 before the release of Black Ops 2 in November. It’s called Final Assault and it comes with five new maps.Jeremy’s collected together images and video of the new maps in action. You can see his fine work here.