Guess how many of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ servers will be dedicated? “PC will be all dedicated servers, all of it.”


Call of Duty: Ghosts is out now; here’s our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

Call of Duty: Ghost’s online player-pots will be everything you want from your servers. They’ll be diligent. Hard-working. Tireless. Indefatigable. Sweaty-browed. Synonymed.


“We did mention dedicated servers on Xbox One,” the similarly industrious Mark Rubin told NowGamer. “One thing I can say is we’re also doing dedicated servers on PC. So PC will be all dedicated servers, all of it.

“I don’t have details on how dedicated servers are going to work on PC, partly because we’re still in development and still working on all those features.”

Good news, then, and in line with that of Rubin’s old colleagues, now competitors, working on Titanfall. But Infinity Ward’s reasons for backing dedicated servers aren’t perhaps those you were expecting: essentially, they want to be able to patch the game in secret.

“Basically the overall reasoning behind it all is we’re always updating the games, even whether the community knows it or not,” explained Rubin.

“We’re making changes that they don’t know about because we want to see the changes happen without [affecting] peoples sort of free perceptions on what they think has happened, so sometimes we stealth in changes to design and see how they react.”

Apparently, community responses to changes they’ve already been told about “are just not as honest as they should be”. Or as humane – a sad fact of patch development I’m sure Infinity Ward would be glad to leave behind, though that’s my own inference.

Rubin went on to endorse dedicated servers as a useful platform in operating a frequently-updated multiplayer game like Ghosts.

“Dedicated servers is definitely one of those things that we think will help,” he said. “It’s not the silver bullet, but I think it’s something that keeps in our philosophy of always trying to make the game experience better.”

Hooray, hooray, better games – that’s the stuff we like. Remember that dedicated server drought we suffered all last decade? Rubbish, wasn’t it?

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