“If it bleeds”; The Predator is coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Predator is coming to Ghosts via the Devastation DLC pack.

After a week or two of Titanfall I’ve grown quite used to shimmering, semi-invisible players getting right up in my grill: that’s why I sport a shotgun. But the transparent bastard in Infinity Ward’s Devastation DLC teaser is an altogether different prospect – tropical serenity, and then BAM: cleaved-off faces.

We’d call this new stealth mode predator-like – if not for the telltale signs of a real, licensed Predator tie-in. Not sure if it will save it from our rather damming Call of Duty: Ghosts review though.

The instagram teaser was posted alongside a short message: “If it bleeds…” – the first half of the famous Arnie line about gory alien existentialism.

It features an overgrown tropical forest landscape dotted with Aztec(?) temples, and backgrounded by an active volcano. If that clear link to 1987 Predator’s Central American location weren’t enough, the clip is soundtracked by the clicking, creaking groan of the monster – and ended suddenly by a sprinting xenos.

Devastation will mark Infinity Ward’s second Hollywood crossover in as many DLC releases. The Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught map pack populated Fog with torture chambers, creepy campsites and flickering TVs – and even threw in a playable Michael Myers, accompanied by the familiar Halloween motif.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is new to the forest – but volcanoes carved up Black Ops 2’s Magma map during play. Would you like to see something of that ilk here? Or an experience akin to Source’s The Hidden mod?

Ta, MCV.