Infinity Ward refugees Respawn Entertainment trademark ‘Titan’


Lord, this is going to get confusing. Blizzard’s secret project for the past umpteen years has been codenamed ‘Titan’. Got that? Right. So it transpires that Respawn, new home of former Activision insubordinate* Vince Zampella and half of Infinity Ward, have trademarked something called ‘Titan’. Won’t somebody think of the tags?

Respawn filed the trademark on Thursday. It covers “Video and computer game programs”, “video game software” and even “video game discs”. Remember those?

Zampella told CVG there’d be an announcement for their new project “hopefully soon”. That was in June of last year, so either we’re in for a rather more substantial reveal when Respawn visit E3, or Titan is stuck in that anomalous version of game development limbo where programming goes backwards.

Jason West bowed out of his long-running creative partnership with Zampella in March. Nobody knows why, but I’m a bit sad about it. Anybody else still have fond memories of the pair’s Medal of Honor: Allied Assault? And can any others confirm whether it’s still good?

Thanks, VG247.

*Bobby’s words, not mine.