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Modern Warfare 4 voice work hasn’t started just yet, says Captain Price; “I was doing a special new Modern Warfare for China, not MW4.”


In the middle of last week it seemed that Modern Warfare 4 had been revealed by Captain Price*. Wouldn’t that have been a wonderful world to live in? Sadly, the account was soon debunked by Infinity Ward, and has now been denied even the bottom bunk of truth by Murray himself.

An account by This Is Xbox originally saw Price actor Bill Murray** credited with starting voice work for Modern Warfare 4 with Infinity Ward. In fact, Murray has been at work on Call of Duty Online, the Chinese market free-to-play FPS outsourced to Tencent.

“I told the guy I was doing a special new Modern Warfare for China, not MW4,″ said Murray on Twitter. “The guy I spoke to on the plane was very nice and I’m really pleased he loves the game but the facts have got a bit confused somewhere.”

Which is a bit of a shame. Still: Modern Warfare 4 most likely still exists, and Call of Duty Online definitely does. And it features voice work from Bill Murray. Watch its trailer below, released earlier this year:

Thanks, VG247.

*Or his actor, Bill Murray.**

**Not that one.