Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC will make the game five maps bigger, leaked promo art suggests


Black Ops 2: Uprising is yet to be the beneficiary of an official announcement, let alone a laggy PC release date. But we already know where its risings will emerge – either from the graves of a new Zombies level, or the throats of enthusiastic players across four PvP maps.

A piece of promotional cardboard reportedly uncovered in Best Buy lists four multiplayer maps: ‘Magma’, ‘Encore’, ‘Studio’, and the Counter-Strike baiting ‘Vertigo’. At its centre is a new Zombies map: ‘Mob of the Dead’.

There’s also a date attached – April 16. Like all Call of Duty DLC released since the human occupation of Planet Earth, Uprising’s predecessor was subject to a month-long Xbox exclusivity deal. As such, expect PC ups to be risen in mid-May.

Any of you still playing last DLC Revolution’s maps? Or does the lack of a dedicated playlist make it a failed coup?

Thanks to Gamespot and Joystiq for this one.