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Card Hunter is on its way to Steam, along with a new expansion and co-op

Card Hunter on Steam

Card Hunter was the best thing to grace browsers since people started uploading videos of dogs going crazy in ball pits, and now it’s spreading, wriggling into Steam this month. For its arrival on Steam, developer Blue Manchu is throwing in a new expansion, co-op multiplayer and an ominous AI Dungeon Master.

Card Hunter’s expansion, Expedition to the Sky Citadel, is a high level adventure that introduces new cards, items and mechanics along with an entirely new Dungeon Master, Cardotron 2000. Any similarities to System Shock 2’s Shodan are, the developer says, mere coincidence and have nothing to do with Blue Manchu’s Jonathan Chey’s previous life, as co-founder of Irrational.

“Cardotron 2000 is guaranteed 100% bug free and will definitely, never ever, lose its mind and raise an army of mutants and rebellious robots,” Blue Manchu promises.

The co-op mode covers the whole game, so you can play it all with a chum, a feature that Blue Manchu says was frequently requested by players.

Card Hunter will launch on Steam this month.