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Win one of ten copies of Cavern of Dreams in our giveaway

Cavern of Dreams launched last month on Steam, enter our giveaway for a chance to win your own copy of Bynine Studio’s 3D platformer.

There’s something special about the Nintendo 64-era of videogames that makes platformers like Bynine Studio’s Cavern of Dreams stand out.  Cavern of Dreams borrows that classic aesthetic and design philosophy to create a game that would fit in perfectly in the late ‘90s as it does today.

Whether you’re a fan of classic platformers, or you want to try something that has been heavily inspired by great games, you’ll be pleased to know that we have ten Cavern of Dreams codes to give away. These codes are exclusive to Steam, so keep that in mind just in case you thought PCGamesN might be handing out codes for consoles. Cavern of Dreams supports Steam Cloud saves, which means you can carry your save game from your handheld PC to your desktop PC over the internet.

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In Cavern of Dreams, you play as a young dragon named Fynn on a journey to track down his unhatched siblings who have been kidnapped by a mysterious villain. There are four open-ended worlds to explore, each filled to the brim with puzzles, secrets, and challenges that will aid Fynn on his quest to find his siblings.

As you collect eggs throughout the world, you can take these collectibles to the Sage to obtain new abilities. The Sage allows Fynn to evolve by gaining additional body parts, granting him the ability to sprout wings, grow a tail, and more to help him access brand-new areas. Unlike the platformers back in the Nintendo 64-era, Cavern of Dreams features no combat whatsoever, so you only need to focus on platforming, puzzle-solving, and exploration.

PCGN – Cavern of Dreams giveaway

You can increase your odds of winning by spreading the word about this giveaway using the widget below. Learn more about Cavern of Dreams by checking out the game’s Steam page. If you’re interested in retro games, read our list of the best platform games to play great games like this one.