CD Projekt help found Polish Games Association, a $20 million fund to support innovative devs

Polish Games Association

Poland looks set to entrench its status as a European leader in games development with the Polish Games Association (PGA), a collaboration between the government and a number of leading developers including CD Projekt, Techland and 11 bit studios. 

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The initiative aims to support up-and-coming Polish game developers by funding their research and development efforts, with the hope that they will share the resulting knowledge with the rest of the industry.

A $20 million fund has been established, to which candidates will be able to apply for a grant worth between 40% and 80% the cost of their project. The funding awarded will vary depending on the scale of the project, the size of the candidate company, and whether they agree to share the results.

CD Projekt, publishers of The Witcher RPG series and owners of digital distribution platform, are by far Poland’s most successful studio, but they’re not the only big names involved in the PGA. You’ve probably also heard of Techland, who developed Call of Juarez, Dead Island and Dying Light, and 11 bit studios, who developed This War of Mine.

“This is a program designed to increase the competitiveness of the Polish video game sector using R&D,” says Stan Just, head of R&D at CD Projekt. “We want to stimulate innovation in studios, which already have some experience, and encourage new companies to start working on more innovative projects.”

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