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CD Projekt Red lose staff because they “reinvent the wheel every friggin’ time”


For a game with nothing but a teaser trailer, there is an incredible amount of interest and drama surrounding Cyberpunk 2077. The latest comes off the back of always juicy but rarely reliable Glassdoor reviews – a website that allows employees to leave anonymous information about their companies. After rumours started flying off the back of a fairly poor score for the Polish developer, they’ve felt the need to respond.

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Coming at us via Twitter and attributed to Adam Badowski and Marcin Iwinski, studio head and co-founder respectively, it’s a short missive that explains how CDPR make games and why that can lead to departures from the company. They also defend their leaving interview and self analysis process to ensure they’re “continuously working on making RED a good workplace for everyone” and point out they’ve grown the team to “almost double” the 200 that put The Witcher 3 together. Here’s the tweet:

They explain that individual departures do not have a significant impact on the project. They also say that the reason for some departures is that “every role-playing game we ever developed seemed impossible to achieve at the moment we set out to create it.” In essence, the studio is extremely ambitious, and has a culture of reinventing everything they do to stay out of their comfort zone and “make the magic happen.”

“This approach to making games is not for everyone” they say, adding that it requires “conscious effort” and “a lot of faith, commitment and spirit.” As pointed out on NeoGAF, the statement stops short of explaining low morale and exactly how they combat it.

CDPR finish by promising that Cyberpunk 2077 is “progressing as planned” and that “silence is the cost of making a great game.” This is hardly the first time CDPR have had to dissuade panic surrounding the game’s development, with a statement issued about a trademark filing earlier this yearand having to deny rumours of a corporate takeover in 2016.