Celeste is a new platformer from Towerfall dev Matt Thorson, and you can play it now


Three years is long enough to wait for a follow-up to Towerfall: Ascension, but perhaps not when the developer announces he made the framework for the game in just four days. Celeste is the result of those four days spent by Towerfall developer Matt Thorson, and while the mountain-climbing platformer is already playable, it’s still only in an embryonic state of development.

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Calling to mind the precision-platforming of games like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be the Guy, Celeste gives players the straightforward task of climbing a giant mountain with the caveat of said mountain being a bonafide deathtrap. There’s an 8-bit version of the game you can play for yourself that’s pretty basic in terms of features (as you’d expect from a four-day development process), but gives a good feel for how the game will look and handle.

The controls are very simple: you can move left and right, you can jump and you can dash. A scoring system is also in place, prompting players to collect strawberries throughout the level – dashing will cause players to lose their strawberries, which will provide extra challenge to scoreboard-chasers. element Seeing as simplicity was key to Towerfall’s success, it’s likely that Thorson will have no problems making a compelling platformer out of Celeste. Check out some early screenshots below.



The game is due out in 2017 and while no platforms have been confirmed yet, the fact that you can play it on PC now suggests Celeste is heading our way when it’s finished.