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Grab a new Challenger gaming desk for under $200 at Best Buy

Save a whopping $191 when buying this gaming desk from Best Buy.

A challenger gaming desk in a nondescript room.

You may have the best gaming mouse, the best gaming monitor and the best gaming keyboard; now you just need a fancy new gaming desk to bring it all together. Anyone looking to revamp their gaming set-up while saving some serious bucks will be delighted by the news that the SD Gaming Challenger Desk is now just $178.99 at Best Buy – a saving of over $190..

So what makes this desk so great? Well, for one thing it comes with two built-in USB chargers, so you can easily recharge any of your wireless devices without having to unplug everything that’s hooked up to your PC in the hope of finding a spare socket. Another bonus is the fact that it’s been designed to easily accommodate anybody using a dual-screen layout, with plenty of space for two monitors. Plus, though there’s more than enough space for your legs and chair to slide neatly underneath, it also comes with two shelves for extra peripheral storage you require. Finally, it has both a cup holder and a special hook to hold gaming headsets keeping your space organised and you well hydrated.

If its features aren’t enough to swing it, it’s also a good-looking piece of furniture. The timeless black and grey colour scheme should fit with the decor of virtually any gaming room while the powder-coated finish on its surfaces gives it a tactile finish that’s comfortable to use and easy to clean.

With the holiday season right around the corner, many are doubtlessly starting to look for gifts and if you’ve got a PC gamer in your life who’s in need of a good gaming desk, then this may be an ideal choice.

Buy now

Best Buy are proudly boasting that this is the “lowest price of the year so far” and at over 50% off, it’s easy to see why. It’s unclear exactly how long this deal will run, and with such a big price cut, stocks may not last long, so if you’re after a new gaming desk that will fit your budget and your space, don’t hesitate – buy the SD Gaming Challenger Desk today.

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