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The Chaos Reborn demo lets you command vicious unicorns and illusory beasts

Chaos Reborn demo

Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn Kickstarter has eight days to go and is $45,000 away from its $180,000 goal. Based on Gollop’s ZX Spectrum game, Chaos, it retains the robust magic system of the original tactics game, but adds multiplayer, RPG-style progression and a co-operative mode. 

Possibly in an effort to make that final push to the target, Gollop’s released a basic demo of Chaos Reborn, available to everyone here

I took it for a spin myself, and while it just throws you into multiplayer matches where you don’t know your illusory lions from your rear end, it’s easy to pick up the basics. There is a game guide, which might be worth looking over in the absence of a tutorial.

Chaos Reborn pits wizards against each other in arenas, where they can summon real and illusory minions and cast spells that range from handy buffs to damage dealing strikes.

The demo offers 2 – 4 player games along with a 2 vs 2 team mode. I played a couple of 1 vs 1 matches earlier today, and they were speedy affairs. Wizards seem to be frail leaders, quickly felled by a unicorn’s horn. The larger battles are likely more complex, where you need to choose your targets with greater care and watch out from attacks from all sides.

It uses Unity and runs on your browser, so you might as well take it for a spin yourself. There are wizards to kill and illusions to impotently attack.