Wave your oversized wands in the air in Chaos Reborn’s latest trailer

Chaos Reborn

Harry Potter taught us that the key to using your wand is all in the motion: swish and flick as they’d say. A new trailer for Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn shows off quite a few fancy swishes and flicks with even bigger and gigantic wizard staves. The results are fireballs, explosions, summoning giants and even the odd blunt club round the head.

It’s also really pretty, so you should take a look at the trailer below.

Gollop approached Kickstarter just over seven months ago and was successfully funded with a nail biting finish as he slipped past his goal with only 19 hours to go; even Gollop was unsure if he’d hit his target.

Nevertheless, the game is well underway with the trailer revealing a Steam Early Access launch on December 9th. If you were a fan of X-Com, or just want to know more information in general, you can head over to the Chaos Reborn website for an extensive look at the game.

Cheers PC Gamer!