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Shadow of the Colossus meets Journey in titan-climbing new indie game

Chasing the Unseen uses fractal math to create an eerie backdrop while you climb up the limbs of eldritch terrors floating in the skies.

Hotly anticipated indie adventure Chasing the Unseen has unveiled its Steam release date at ComicCon Stuttgart as part of its Be a Hero event. The single-player title that invites players to climb gargantuan beasts traveling through surreal landscapes, akin to Shadow of the Colossus, is out early next year.

Inspired by the mysterious, eerily serene settings seen in Journey and Shadow of the Colossus, the world of Chasing the Unseen promises a non-violent introspective experience with a focus on exploration and immersion over combat. It’s an incredibly unique adventure game coming soon, and it even has a demo available now on Steam.

Chasing the Unseen’s brain-frying landscapes are generated using fractal math. Fractals are intricate geometric shapes that appear similar no matter how zoomed in you are to an image. They’re a persistent pattern that seems the same no matter the scale, which is sure to bring an air of eldritch, unearthly Lovecraftian discomfort to the experience.

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In particular, I’m keen to discover whether the game will have a more uncomfortable feel as we scale the countless limbs of unknown beasts, or will be more a strangely satisfying experience akin to underwater adventure Abzu, or platformer Gris?

After three years of working on the game solo, the one-man team at Strange Shift Studio, based in Montréal, Canada said on X (formally Twitter) that the release date announcement was “quite a feeling”. Chasing the Unseen was recently nominated for a number of awards at Indie Cup Canada 2023, including ‘Most Anticipated Game’, and was even a finalist at the Game Development World Championship too.

You can find the demo on Steam right here, with the release date now set for Thursday, March 7, 2024 which you can get ready for with a wishlist.

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