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Chemical Brothers: Assassin’s Creed Unity DLC could team-up the protagonist with the father of modern chemistry

Assassin's Creed Unity DLC

We still don’t know much about Assassin’s Creed Unity, beyond it being set in Revolutionary France, not even the protagonist’s name, but we do know a bit about some of the pre-order DLC. 

AccessTheAnimus posted a picture from a Gamestop shop that revealed one of the pre-order offers for the next murderous outing in Ubisoft’s series. It’s a bonus mission titled “Chemical Revolution”.

The title may, as a reponse on Twitter noted, refer to the chemical revolution, based on the work of Antoine Lavoisier, who is often referred to as the father of modern chemistry.

It’s not far fetched, as Lavoisier met his end under a guillotine in 1794. The revolution was no friend to science, and Lavoisier was brand a traitor by Robespierre during the Reign of Terror. He stayed out of politics, but did propose the reformation of the French education system and spoke on behalf of foreign-born scientists when it was mandated that all foreigners be stripped of their possessions and liberty.

With Ubisoft Montreal’s penchant for throwing in interesting historical figures into their games and tying them into the tale of Assassin’s vs. Templar’s, Lavoisier seems like an extremely good fit. It possible that he’s the chemist standing next to the unnamed protagonist in the poster.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has been in development for over three years, and Ubisoft has given it a Q4 release window. The Gamestop poster narrows it down to the Holiday period.