Might and Delight teases its surreal exploration game: Child of Cooper

Child of Cooper

Now that Might and Delight have explored what it’s like to be a mamma badger and a mamma lynx, the Shelter developer is leaving parenting behind in Child of Cooper. Details are slim at the moment, but it’s a visual narrative game that explores the memories of a child, presented with some rather surreal art. 

Take a gander at the teaser trailer. 


My own childhood memories don’t feature many dark rooms filled with smoking men, that was my X-Files phase, which didn’t happen until I was a little bit older.

While Might and Delight aren’t spilling the beans yet, along with the teaser the studio reveals that it will be a game of exploration and discovery, where even the simple act of navigation will be left up to the player to discover.

Child of Cooper is due out later this year.