The best Chivalry 2 classes

A guide of all the classes and subclasses available, and their abilities

The four Chivalry 2 classes, Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight

If you ever wondered what it would be like to fight alongside a bunch of medieval knights, now is your chance. Chivalry 2 transports you to the Dark Ages where you can clash swords to your heart’s content. The role you play in battle is up to you: you can choose to be a Knight in heavy armor, a skilled Archer, a nimble Vanguard, or a helpful Footman.

The Chivalry 2 classes have one thing in common: none of them know pain. Besides that, their weapons, attacks, and special abilities are vastly different. Each of the four main classes – Knight, Footman, Vanguard, and Archer – has its own unique playstyle. The Knight is tanky and good with two-handed weapons, while the Vanguard is more vulnerable but faster. Every Chivalry 2 class has three subclasses, allowing you to further customise your playstyle.

It is possible to try every class for yourself, but unlocking new weapons and subclasses takes quite a while. So before you decide to commit to one, take a look at our Chivalry 2 class guide.

The Chivalry 2 classes are:

The Chivalry 2 Knight, one of the Chivalry 2 classes

Chivalry 2 Knight

The Knight is a great choice if you prefer a powerful melee class with high health. This badass fighter can handle the heaviest weapons, tackle his enemies, and block the most damage. Because of this sturdiness, the Knight is a great starting class if you’re new to Chivalry.

Do keep in mind that Knights are the slowest class, so you need to have a good sense of timing. They also suffer from a 50% increased dash cooldown. However, this isn’t really a problem as long as you focus on blocking. In fact, blocking attacks is always useful as it charges the Knight’s special ability, which changes depending on your subclass.

Chivalry 2 Knight subclasses:

  • Officer. This is a good standard class with a little bit of everything: powerful melee weapons, throwing knives, and a support ability (the trumpet) which increases nearby allies’ health regeneration.
  • Guardian. This tanky subclass uses a shield, making it even easier to block incoming attacks. Doing so can quickly charge the Guardian’s special support ability: a banner that heals nearby allies.
  • Crusader. This is the most offensive Knight class. The Crusader uses powerful two-handed weapons and throwing axes. His special item is the throwable oil pot, used to ignite the battlefield.

The Chivalry 2 Footman, one of the Chivalry 2 classes

Chivalry 2 Footman

The Footman has medium speed and pretty decent health. He’s not as fast as a Vanguard, and can’t match the Knight’s high health. However, he has the best support abilities of all Chivalry 2 classes.

Every Footman subclass is equipped with a bandage kit as a special ability. The special is charged by healing and reviving other players. On top of that, all Footmen can perform a sprint charge for extra damage.

Chivalry 2 Footman subclasses:

  • Poleman. This subclass has the best melee range, thanks to his polearm weapons. He deals extra bonus damage with his sprint attack, and is the only Footman subclass who can tackle enemies. The Poleman can also build spike traps to hurt their unsuspecting enemy.
  • Man at Arms. This Footman subclass is somewhat similar to the Guardian, but with a smaller shield and weaker weapon. However, he’s a lot faster and has a decreased dash cooldown. A good choice for those who prefer agility.
  • Field Engineer. This subclass is the best choice if you enjoy placing traps and barricades. On top of that, he heals himself for 25% HP when healing an ally. He only has a few primary weapon choices though, and none of them are very powerful. The Field Engineer is arguably the best support class in the game, but don’t expect a high kill count.

The Chivalry 2 Vanguard, one of the Chivalry 2 classes

Chivalry 2 Vanguard

Chivalry’s Vanguard class is great if you prefer high speed and stamina over health. This class can also perform a leaping strike, dealing high damage and staggering opponents. Overall, it’s a highly mobile offensive class.

Although it’s easy to get quick kills while jumping in and out of combat, Vanguards are a lot more vulnerable than Knights or Footmen. It will certainly boost your overall score if you’re good at dodging and blocking. The Vanguard charges his special ability with sprint attack kills – these can be a bit tricky to pull off, as simply landing a hit is not enough.

Chivalry 2 Vanguard subclasses:

  • Devastator. This Vanguard class can handle heavy two-handed weapons without a movement speed penalty. He only has a knife as a secondary, though. His special item is an oil pot, which he can throw and ignite part of the battlefield with. The Devastator is definitely one of the most damaging subclasses, but beware of his vulnerability due to his lower health.
  • Raider. This subclass has the unique ability to equip two primary weapons, instead of a primary and different secondary. That’s great news if you’re good at throwing. As for his item, the Raider can use a trumpet to increase nearby allies’ health regeneration.
  • Ambusher. This is basically the knife-throwing assassin class in Chivalry 2. Although low on damage and range, the Ambusher has very speedy weapons and deals extra bonus damage when attacking from behind. He can use his special ability (the quiver) to resupply his ammo.

The Chivalry 2 Archer, one of the Chivalry 2 classes

Chivalry 2 Archer

The Archer is the only ranged class in Chivalry 2. So if you’re great with a bow and you don’t mind staying on the sidelines, the Archer class is perfect for you. You’ll need to take care not to get caught in a bad position, as your health and stamina are far lower compared to other classes.

The Archer’s special skill is charged by landing headshots, so good aim is vital – you also don’t want to shoot your allies by accident. Archers don’t have a special attack, except for the Skirmisher’s leaping strike, but they can zoom in to land more accurate hits instead.

Chivalry 2 Archer subclasses:

  • Longbowman. As the only subclass with a standard bow, the longbowman offers amazing range. Aiming for too long will deplete your stamina. The longbowman can place spike traps and braziers to ignite his arrows.
  • Crossbowman. As you may have guessed, this subclass can shoot powerful crossbow bolts. He’s especially effective against Footmen and Knights. The Crossbowman can place down a protective shield and a banner which heals nearby allies.
  • Skirmisher. This Archer subclass is a bit odd, as the Skirmisher doesn’t have a bow. You can either choose javelins or throwing axes as your primary weapon, and they can also be used within melee range. The quiver special ability restocks your ammo. Finally, the Skirmisher can choose between a small shield or a trap as his item.

Those are all the Chivalry 2 classes and subclasses – time to choose your favourite and head to the battlefield. If you’ve got a taste for medieval skirmishing, you may enjoy our list of the best knight games on PC.