Chris Avellone knows you’re watching him


Update, October 6: BREAKING – Chris Avellone has changed his Facebook profile picture again.

Welcome back, dear readers, to PCGamesN, your premier news source for Chris Avellone’s Facebook profile pictures. Now Chris wants you to know he knows that you’re watching him.

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His new profile picture is a the figure and Vault Boy slowly coming to realize they’re being watched. Relevant? Maybe not. Hilarious? Yes, absolutely.

And yes, Chris, you are definitely being watched. Sorry.

Original Story, October 4: Chris Avellone changed hisFacebook profile picturethis week. Technically, that’s all there is to this story, but said profile picture is now of a figure hugging Vault Boy and saying “I missed you so much.” The implications of seeing this from one of the most respected writers in the RPG business are pretty exciting.

Avellone has worked on Fallout 2 and New Vegas, and the remainder of his credits basically just read as a full list of the best RPGs of the past decade. Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Knights of the Old Republic II, and much more. More recently, he’s worked with Obsidian on their throwback RPGs, as well as on Torment: Tides of Numenera, Prey, and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

So what’s the Fallout thing being teased here? In the absence of facts, I’m going to engage in wild speculation. The most exciting possibility would, of course, be that Chris is working with Bethesda or Obsidian on an entirely new Fallout game. Alternately, he might be writing a new comic in the universe as he did for New Vegas.

Or maybe he’s making something for the Creation Club. Or maybe he just misses Fallout. I dunno, but I’m darn sure eager to find out.