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Prey is being worked on by Chris Avellone

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You know that Chris Avellone chap, right? He’s the guy responsible for some of the best RPGs ever made. Well, turns out that he’s working on Prey, the new Arkane game that’s part reboot, part System Shock spiritual successor.  

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Avellone took to Twitter just after Prey was announced at Bethesda’s E3 showcase, revealing that he was part of the Prey team. 

While not saying what role he occupies at Arkane, it’s reasonable to assume that he’s offering his expertise in RPG systems. In his lifetime Avellone has worked on Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity. 

Avellone is best known for his work at Obsidian, the studio he departed a year ago after having helped Kickstart and develop Pillars of Eternity. Since then he seems to have been cropping up on numerous Kickstarter RPG projects, including Divinity: Original Sin 2. But it looks like the real reason for him leaving Obsidian was to join Arkane on Prey. No doubt the full details on how and why he joined them will be revealed soon.

Prey will release in 2017. Check out our Everything We Know feature for all the details on Prey setting, story, and trailers.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

He's... really not. He's responsible for some of the most poor man's Nietzsche-esque pseudo-intellectual blather in video games. From Kreia, to Ulysses, to Grieving Mother, all basically being mouthpieces for his depressingly uninformed and undereducated opinions on everything from sociology to evolutionary biology, amounting to the kind of pop-culture nihilism* of celebrities that leaves me feeling utterly nauseous.

Even Bethesda facepalmed at his viewpoint that Fallout is only interesting if it's a wasteland where people are struggling to hang onto life by a thread. And he pissed off so many Fallout writers by being arrogant enough to talk for them without asking in his 'Bible' (what a title). In fact, even going so far as to directly contradict a number of them, which is why they didn't end up at Obsidian.

An ego so massive that when Wayside Creations brought him on to help with the writing, he insulted them and their choices only months later. Especially the choice to bring Goris the deathclaw back, which pretty much every old Fallout fan wants.

He's a hack.

How he ever accumulated a cult of personality is beyond me. I guess some people like his brand of horsepoop. He really is quite the video games analogue to a televangelist.

I'm thankful that Obsidian won't be shackled to his bad writing any further. I know John Sawyer had plenty of blow ups with him over that.

* - Not that I have anything against nihilism, but Avellone's particularly wacky, self-indulgent, and unintelligent flavour of it is the equivalent of Scientology's relationship to any belief system that has an iota of self-respect.

With that out of the way, you peoples at PCGN should take a look at the upcoming Fe. It's lovely, uplifting, and better than thinking about Avellone's twaddle.