Chronicle: RuneScape Legends gets a bunch of new cards in first major update


Chronicle: RuneScape Legends only launched six weeks ago, but the card game has just got its first major update. Among other things, the 1.4 update adds the sixth Legend – Morvran, the Slayer Master. 

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Movran is joining the Legends line-up for free, but you’ll need to defeat the Slayer Master to unlock him.

The new Legend brings a new set of strategies with a total of 37 new cards and two new character skins. Once defeated, the Slayer Master will let you unleash the beasts tied to these new cards, using Movran’s aggressive style to overpower your opponents.

Later this summer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is getting its first event, too. Beach Party will deliver three tropical backdrops for your battles. The event will also see the inclusion of new community quests. These will have players working together for rewards.

“Chronicle’s launch on Steam was just the prologue of our own quest to continue delivering a strong line up of content for the game. The addition of Morvran as our sixth Legend will shake up the strategies and tactics of even top Platinum-ranked players, but he is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of planned content for the rest of the year and beyond,” said James Sweatman, lead designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. “We’ve had great feedback from gamers across the world since Chronicle launched in May, and we’re looking forward to continuing our journey with them!”

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is now available on Steam.