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Big new Cities Skylines 2 mod fixes problems with the whole simulation

While official support for Cities Skylines 2 mods isn’t here still, a new fix for the city building sequel improves the whole simulation.

Cities Skylines 2 mods density: A huge downtown area from city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 mods are absolutely vital right now. While Colossal Order has done a superb job incorporating some of the most-wanted and most-popular fan-made tweaks into the CS2 base game, areas like the economy, road building, pedestrian behavior, and traffic have been made much fairer and more plausible by modders. While official Cities Skyline 2 mod support is seemingly a ways off (more on that in a moment) CS2 players are nevertheless finding ingenious ways to make the city building sequel sing. If you’re having trouble with your job levels, building spaces, and balance sheet, a new Cities Skylines 2 mod makes a straightforward change that remedies almost every aspect of the simulation.

Cities Skylines 2 mods were expected to receive official support in early 2024. A recent statement from Colossal Order however confirms that the new modding platform is still in testing and that a lot of work is still required before an initial release. Cities Skylines 2 meanwhile continues to attract a devoted player base, and there remains plenty of time and possibility for this to become the definitive city building game. On that point, a new CS2 mod makes job management, zoning, and economics much better.

Realistic Density from ‘Cities2Modding’ resolves some of the most aggravating Cities Skylines 2 problems, while also increasing the realism and the difficulty. One of the issues in CS2 is the population level. Enormous industrial buildings only employ a small number of Cims.

Likewise, public buildings like high schools and even commercial operations only require a limited number of staff. This means building extremely large industrial areas, and committing a considerable amount of land to businesses and services just to provide everyone with a job – and keep the economy ticking. In turn, this pushes industrial and office buildings closer to residential zones, sometimes resulting in the dread land value death spiral.

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Realistic Density increases employee numbers for commercial, industrial, and office zones. Hospitals, clinics, fire stations, schools, police stations, cargo train terminals, and harbors also have their employee numbers increased.

On the one hand, this means you can provide work for your Cims, and keep the economy stable, without having to build a stupidly large amount of buildings that consume your entire map. On the other, you will now have more people traveling to and from work, and greater pedestrian density overall, adding a more realistic problem for you to solve with good road management.

In future updates, Realistic Density will also increase numbers in high-density residential buildings and public transport buildings. You can get the essential Cities Skylines 2 mod right here.

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