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All Cities Skylines 2 DLC

Although the world of Cities Skylines 2 is comprehensive, DLC gives Collosal Order a chance to add more niche aspects to its city builder.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC: a street-level view of some tall buildings.

Does Cities Skylines 2 have DLC? Building your own utopia isn’t easy, and the vision that bounces around in your head often doesn’t reflect the absolute disaster that sits on your computer screen. Trash piles up, people complain, and, oh god, is that an entire industry district on fire? That isn’t just us… right?

We’ve covered the base game in our Cities Skylines 2 review, and while you may also be focusing on the basic package right now, it won’t be long before there are a multitude of Cities Skylines 2 expansion packs to purchase so you can increase the scope and vibrancy of your little slice of heaven. Here are all the DLC packs coming to the city builder game, so you can make your Cities Skylines 2 maps thrive.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC: a street-level view of a suspension bridge.

Will Cities Skylines 2 have DLC?

Yes, Cities Skylines 2 will have DLC which can range from full expansion packs to new radio stations. As the game matures, so will its back catalog of extra content.

Here is every piece of DLC for Cities Skylines 2:

San Francisco set – October 24, 2023

A collection of San Francisco-themed cosmetic items and buildings from the iconic American city. Includes new vehicles, a special San Fran police vehicle, and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Beach Properties – Q4 2023

Want to cater to the filthy rich? Well, you’ll need the Beach Properties asset pack to give them the beachfront condo they’ve always wanted. Just make sure to tax them appropriately, okay?

Urban Promenades – Q1 2024

Walking cities aren’t only environmentally friendly, they’re a joy to look at, and, presumably, a joy to live in. Utilize this set to create beautiful walking spaces for your citizens.

Modern Architecture – Q1 2024

Bring your city into the 21st century with the Modern Architecture content pack. Angular lines and fancy building materials will ensure your city looks clean and modern.

Bridges and Ports – Q2 2024

While you’ll still have the ability to build bridges and set up a port in your city, this piece of DLC will allow you to expand on those two features, giving your waterside haven a whole new lease on life. You can create new means of income from your ports, link your cities in new and exciting ways, and even build lighthouses!

There you go, those are all the bits of DLC you can add to Cities Skylines 2 to enhance your city, there are, of course, plenty of Cities Skylines 2 mods to look forward to, also. If you’re looking for something still in the realm of the city builder, check out our management games list, or maybe even the tycoon games list if you’re into making money in a big way.