Cities Skylines 2 mods explained

While the city builder sequel has a lot of new toys to play with, we have all the information on Cities Skylines 2 mods so you can perfect your experience.

Cities Skylines 2 mods: a suspension bridge with a star destroyer in the groundground, a delorean on the road, and spiderman sitting in the distance.

Will there be Cities Skylines 2 mods? With bigger maps, signature buildings, and even new weather cycles, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Cities Skylines 2 has everything you could possibly need. However, with the immense mod support that the first city builder received, it would be a shame if this entry missed out on the community creativity that made Cities Skylines so engaging for so long.

While we’ve explored every aspect of the game in our Cities Skylines 2 review, fans of the series are dreaming up their ideal mods – it could be recreating real-life locations, adding fantastical elements to their own settlements, and everything in between. We already know about the Cities Skylines 2 map size being larger than it was before, but will we be able to add Cities Skylines 2 mods to further expand our horizons?

Cities Skylines 2 mods: a city min-construction, with the outlines of the residental areas shown.

Will there be Cities Skylines 2 mods?

Cities Skylines 2 will have full mod support – the mods will be hosted on the developer’s new Paradox Mods platform, as opposed to Steam Workshop.

Paradox stated in a blog post that the move to a bespoke mod platform will allow players who own the game on a console to access the same mods as PC players.

Paradox has stated that all of the mods hosted on the Paradox Mod platform will be free and that it will handle all of the moderation process itself, assuring players that the differences between the Paradox Mod platform and Steam Workshop will be minimal.

Cities Skylines 2 mod wishlist

While we saw a multitude of excellent mods for Cities Skylines, the expanded framework of the sequel means that we can expect the community to deliver some game-changing mods. The most appealing, at least to us, are the ones that add additional cosmetics to the game, whether that be famous buildings from around the world or locations from works of fiction.

Some of the Cities Skylines 2 mods we would like to see are:

  • Lord of the Rings map and buildings
  • Blade Runner buildings, including flying cars
  • Cyberpunk buildings
  • Iconic UK buildings (Millenium Dome, Liver Buildings, St. Georges Hall, etc.)
  • Nakatomi Plaza
  • Zombie natural disasters

Now that you know how the Cities Skylines 2 mods will work, the only thing left to do is patiently wait for the community to get to work. In the meantime, make sure your system is up to spec with the Cities Skylines 2 system requirements, and check out some of the best management games, or even the best city builders if you’ve got a creative itch