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The first big Cities Skylines 2 patch is here, but not for everyone

The first Cities Skylines 2 patch is here from Paradox, aiming to fix performance troubles in CS2, but it’s not available for all players.

Cities Skylines 2 patch: A huge urban sprawl from Paradox city building game Cities Skylines 2

The first Cities Skylines 2 patch has arrived, which aims to fix a variety of technical and performance problems in the new Colossal Order and Paradox city builder. As noted in our Cities Skylines 2 review, the game struggles on PC owing to freezing, texture pop-in, long load times, and more. Colossal Order says it anticipated these issues but chose to stick to the original launch date for CS2 regardless, and plans to improve and update the game for a long time. However, the first Cities Skylines 2 patch is not currently available to all players – coming to Steam, it is not yet rolling out to Cities Skylines 2 Game Pass users on the Microsoft Store.

Our Cities Skylines 2 review analyzes all the improvements in the new city building game, which makes roads, traffic management, and scaling much easier and more intuitive than the original CS1. However, even on high-end PCs, Cities Skylines 2 is affected by performance problems. We’ve compiled the best Cities Skylines 2 settings to help the game run smoothly. Meanwhile, the first Cities Skylines 2 patch has arrived, at least for Steam players.

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The Cities Skylines 2 patch is aimed at improving performance and makes a variety of tweaks and changes. “Today we have the first of several patches to improve performance in Cities Skylines 2,” Paradox says. “While this does not address all issues we are aware of, we wanted to get you these improvements as soon as possible.” However, as of today, Thursday, October 26, the patch is only available if you’re playing Cities Skylines 2 on Steam. “We’re doing our very best to make it available on Microsoft Store as soon as possible,” Paradox explains.

Cities Skylines 2 patch notes

  • Changed LOD to be independent of rendering resolution to get more consistent performance with high resolutions
  • Minor optimization with fog
  • Depth of field optimizations and tweaks
  • Global illumination tweaks
  • Optimized stutters when buildings spawn/level up
  • Optimized various stutters across all systems
  • Fixed crash after upgrading wind turbine
  • Fixed crash when car crashes into still hidden car with trailer
  • Fixed crash with mesh loading (that happens with low settings mostly)

The Cities Skylines 2 patch notes come courtesy of Paradox. The developer of Cities Skylines 2, Colossal Order, says that it decided to go ahead with the game’s scheduled launch despite anticipating a “potential kicking” owing to performance troubles. The developer says that the launch of Cities Skylines 2 is “just the beginning,” and that it plans to support the game in the long term.

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