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Cities Skylines 2 performance is basically better now, dev poll says

Cities Skylines 2 performance has been an issue since launch, but a new poll from Colossal Order suggests it may be gradually improving.

Cities Skylines 2 performance: A huge sprawling city from Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 performance problems are still holding back Colossal Order’s city building sequel. At launch, frame rate drops, crashes, missing assets, and slow loading times afflicted CS2, and have remained a running sore for the past seven months. Nevertheless, a series of patches and fixes have helped bring Cities Skylines 2 back up to scratch, and the spiritual successor to SimCity still has a long life ahead. A new poll from CO now suggests that a small majority of players think Cities Skylines 2’s performance is gradually getting better.

Cities Skylines 2 mods remain the best way to make the city building game better and more intuitive, and have helped remedy some of the issues with mechanics and the overall simulation that have otherwise marred the sequel’s reception. At launch, Cities Skylines 2 performance problems were the central cause for criticism, as even high-end PCs struggled to smoothly run the game, especially in the later stages when the population is large and players’ builds are increasingly complex. Colossal Order has worked diligently to fix Cities Skylines 2, and now the studio’s efforts seem to be paying off.

Colossal Order recently hosted a poll on X (formerly Twitter) asking players about their experiences with Cities Skylines 2’s PC performance since the latest patch. Respondents were given three options, and could vote to say that performance was good, that they were still experiencing a slow simulation, or still facing problems with uneven frame rates. The results are narrow, but overall, more players say that Cities Skylines 2’s performance has improved.

Of 1,917 respondents, 38% say that Cities Skylines 2 performance is now ‘good.’ 33.3% say that the simulation is still slow, while 28.7% say there are still issues with the game’s frame rate. The margins are narrow, but considering the breadth of problems when CS2 was first released, this perhaps represents an important change in how the game is performing and perceived by players.

Cities Skylines 2 performance PC: A poll from Cities Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order

The latest Cities Skylines 2 patch makes an enormous amount of changes to the strategy game, with more than 30 bug fixes, improvements to the official Paradox modding platform and editing tools, and gameplay overhauls that increase mouse speed and redesigns for modals. The much-maligned Beach Properties DLC has also been incorporated into the Cities Skylines 2 base game.

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