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Cities: Skylines’ new Green Cities DLC gets an October release date and a pop song

cities skylines green cities dlc release date

If the crushing weight of remembering the fragility of our planet’s ecosystem is getting you down, there’s no better time to jump back into Cities: Skylines. In-game pollution has no effect on the health of our real-life future children, and a new add-on called Green Cities will offer a whole host of options to clean up your smoggy towns.

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The DLC will add 350 new assets, including a bunch of environmentally friendly businesses and organic stores. More substantially, new parks, services, and policy options will help to keep pollution in check, including zone-specific options like combustion engine bans or waste filtration requirements, and the ground pollution systems have been revised to take advantage of the new additions. Plus, extra scenarios will challenge you to keep your cities clean.

As usual, the DLC will come alongside a free update that adds a bunch of related content, including electric cars, road modding, an overhaul to noise pollution, and new park and tree options to keep your city looking nice.

Oh, and you should watch the above trailer, if for no other reason than a pollution response themed pop song from an in-game singer. Boy, Cities: Skylines has really expanded the lore since I was last playing.

Green Cities will be available October 19 for $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.99. We got a full look at the new content last month, so check it out for more detail.