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Civilization 6’s Indonesia is led by a 14th-century warrior-queen

Gitarja Indonesia

Firaxis have revealed that Dyah Gitarja, the fourteenth century warrior-queen, will lead Indonesia when the country arrives in Civilization VI. Gitarja will be available with purchases of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization VI as soon as it goes live.

Another upcoming civilization are the Khmer, who used to put ballistae on top of elephants.

Gitarja came to power in 1329, following the assassination of her brother, King Jayangara, and ruled alongside her spouse “during a time of chaos and open revolt.” Eventually, she helped expand and stabilise her kingdom.

Indonesia is a nation that will rely heavily on being on the coast. Their unique unit is the Jong, which replaces the frigate – it’s fast, heavily armored, and works brilliantly in formation. The Indonesian’s unique improvement is the Kampung – houses that were built on stilts – which provide bonuses to nearby fishing boats.

Both the civ’s unique ability, ‘Great Nusantara’ and Gitarja’s unique ability, ‘Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds,’ offer further bonuses for being near the coast. Great Nusantara means that Indonesian coastal tiles provide bonuses for holy sites, theatres, campuses, and industrial zones. ‘Exalted Goddess’ grants bonus faith to coastal cities, as allows religious units to embark and disembark from boats without using up movement their movement cost.

You can check out the announcement video above, or read Firaxis’ full breakdown of Gitarja and Indonesia here.