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The Khmer have put a ballista on top of an elephant for Civilization 6

Khmer Civ 6

The slightly smug looking chap above is Jayavarman, and he likes putting heavy siege equipment places they shouldn’t be, like on top of elephants. He’s bringing them with him to Civilization VI, along with the Khmer, who ruled over much of South-East Asia around the year 1,000.

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Here’s a breakdown of what they bring to the game:

  • Leader: King Jayavarman VII. A military leader who repelled invasion and then focused on his own country rather than attacking others, Jayavarman has improved Holy Sites. They capture territory around where they are build, as well as providing extra food and housing on rivers.
  • Unique unit: The Domrey. Replacing the catapult with an elephant and ballista combo deal (beat that, Macdonalds), the Domrey can move and fire and has a zone of control. Plus it deals more damage. Because it’s aballista on the back of an elephant.
  • Unique building: The Prasat. Replacing the temple, this buffs Missionaries built at it with the Martyr promotion. It also has a relic Great Work slot.
  • Special ability: Grand Barays. Increase food yield from farms near aqueducts, and aqueducts themselves provide an amenity and extra faith.

There’s also a glimpse of a new wonder in the trailer above, which looks a lot like Angkor Wat. All of this is shipping as part of the religion system changes coming in the next big patch, as detailed last week. No release date yet, but “soon” is a good guess.