Civilization: Beyond Earth trailer details affinities and kills a kraken

Civilization: Beyond Earth trailer

If you don’t have a spare hour or two to sit through Firaxis’ dev streams of Civilization: Beyond Earth, then you might want to take a look at the new in-universe walkthrough. 

AI lady Master Control narrates six minutes of Beyond Earth, offering an overview of combat, exploiting the orbital layer of the planet and the philosophical affinities that underpin factions.

While factions in Beyond Earth are player-created, the affinity system looks like it will go a long way to giving them a bit of character like their Civilization counterparts. The video goes over the purity and supremacy affinities, and their respective attitudes to the planet. There’s a third affinity, as well, which will see any faction using it employ alien troops and adapt to the alien world.

Previously, Firaxis has gone into even greater detail concerning faction creation and how the aliens – which are analogous to barbarians but really quite different – function.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out on October 24th.