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Firaxis are streaming a Civ 6 AI showdown on October 19

Civ 6 ai battle royale

The problem with humans is that we’re just a tad too smart. We ruin things like the Civilization franchise with our brains and scheming. That’s supposedly why the guys at Firaxis Games and 2K are organising an AI vs. AI showdown for the upcoming Civ VI, pitting eight unsuspecting leaders against one another to see who is more dominant, cultural, religious or scientific when there aren’t any humans around to crash the party.

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The ‘AI Battle Royale’, as 2K are dubbing it, will be streamed on 2K’s Twitch channel on October 19, starting at 8:30pm BST, or 9:30pm CEST. For anyone reading this in the US, 3:30pm ET and 12:30pm PT are your times. The stream won’t just be eight AIs beating the living daylights out of one another for a few hours, as devs from Firaxis will provide commentary for the stream.

Of course it’s anyone’s guess what will happen, but here’s how we think it’ll go: Montezuma will be on the war path from the very start and every civ will found cities in the same tiny corner of the map and begin arguing about it shortly after. As for the winner? Barbarians most likely.

Here’s a list of participating Civs:

  • Aztecs
  • Brazil
  • England
  • Greece (Gorgo)
  • Japan
  • Rome
  • Russia
  • Spain

Sadly no Gandhi to start a nuclear war with, but at least Monte’s there to start spilling blood.