Civilization 6’s fall update, out now, adds two new civs and overhauls religion

Civilization 6

Update, October 20: The Civilization VI fall update is now available.

The Civilization VI fall update is now live, introducing two new civilizations and an overhaul to religion.

Who’s jostling for a place on the world stage? Here is every civ and leader in Civilization 6, including the post-launch additions.

The new civs are the Khmer, who ride into battle atop ballistae-wielding elephants, and Indonesia, who gain a lot of bonuses from being based near the sea, with better naval units, easier movement for religious units, and stat boosts to some districts if they’re placed on coastal tiles.

The religion overhaul allows religious units to move on their own, similar to trade or spice routes. It’s also added an awful lot of new religious features. In total, there are two new Pantheons, two new Founder Beliefs, two new Follower Beliefs, two new Enhancer Beliefs, and two new Worship Beliefs. Nine rulers have also had their religious preferences scaled down, so they won’t push hard for you to conform to particular religions.

Elsewhere in the patch, there’ll be a bunch of changes to UI and AI, the latter of which will see AI units not committing to losing battles. There are also several balance changes and bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes here.

Original story, October 11:Two-and-a-half months after the summer updatemade Gandhi ask why you hadn’t split the atombeforeinventing the wheel, Firaxis announce that Civ 6 is getting another free patch. The Fall 2017 update makes a number of changes, with an overhaul to religion the headline news.

The biggest single change is to religious combat: religious units can now exert zone of control, and receive flank and support bonuses in religious combat, giving it a similar tactical depth to conventional combat. A new religious support unit, the Guru, can heal nearby religious units, and a new combat unit, the Warrior Monk, can join them in battle.

Religion-making itself is also fleshed out, with two new pantheons and new founder, follower, enhancer, and worship beliefs. The Warrior Monk and two new buildings are locked behind some of these beliefs. Finally, the Religion Lens has been tweaked for usability and readability, and there are some UI touches. For one, a unit’s flag will now indicate their religious allegiance.

Besides the religion overhaul, there are some lesser but still substantial tweaks to the UI, AI, and balance. For one, you’ll see more competition from the AI on the waves, as their tendency to build ships – as well as armadas and fleets – has been raised, as has their ability to protect them. “This change is especially exciting” given “the upcoming addition of one of our new civs,” writes developer Sarah Darney. Sounds like we can expect a maritime civ soon.

An exact release date for the Fall 2017 update hasn’t yet been given, but Firaxis tend to turn these things around fairly quickly after their announcement.Here’s Darney’s poston Steam.