“Why don’t you have nukes in the Bronze Age?” asks Gandhi after Civ 6 Summer update


“Improved desire to pillage cities,” reads the AI section of the latest Civilization VI patch, which went live along with new faction Nubia last night.

Not mentioned is that world leaders will now ask you why you don’t love nukes no matter what era you’re in. Barbarian horsemen raiding your towns? Nukes are the answer. Having trouble with the industrial high seas? Split the atom, idiot. We’re teaching the robots to love killing, and that’s probably fine.

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The nuke-love appears to be a bug, as widely reported on the Civ subreddit. Still, it’s a highlight of this update, along with the restart button, which regenerates the whole map using your current settings. Presumably, this will help with getting a good start location that favours your faction without having to set everything up repeatedly.

Elsewhere in amusing patch notes, Spain and Norway were buffed, while Scythia and the Kongo got the nerf bat. Thousands of years of human history, just for some balance designer at Firaxis to decide you were playing on easy mode. Overall districts got cheaper and anti-air got stronger, too, while various quality of life changes were made to the UI.

Full notes over on Steam, if you want ‘em, or just boot it up to see what’s changed.