Pre-order Civ 6 or you’ll have to wait until January to play as the Aztecs


2K and Firaxis have announced that anyone who pre-orders the Civilization 6 as of today will receive the Aztec civilization and leader Montezuma I as timed exclusive. Both will unlock for all other Civ 6 players after 90 days, for free. However, that means that if you buy Civ 6 after launch, you’ll have to wait until January 19, 2017 before you can play as the series’ iconic leader.

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The announcement also coincided with our first look at the Aztec faction and their various strengths and weaknesses. You can watch the civ overview below.

Aztec’s in Civilization 6 will benefit from amenities and luxuries, with luxuries in particular offering a boost to the civ’s military power. Aztecs also boast the Eagle Warrior as their unique unit, especially useful early into a campaign as it transforms defeated units into Builders. This is helpful as Aztecs are the only civ that can use Builders to hasten construction of districts, which makes them an ideal choice for players who prefer to rule by conquest.

The game launches 21 October, 2016 on PC. You can read everything we know about Civ 6 here.