Civ 6 now has battle royale and no we’re not kidding

Red Death has landed

Civilization VI’s big September update has landed, and while the developers have detailed many of the features that were coming in this release, there was still one big surprise: battle royale. Yes, Civ 6 now has an official battle royale scenario called Red Death, and somehow it’s even more ridiculous than you’d expect anticipated.

The Red Death multiplayer scenario takes place in a nuclear-ravaged future. Your job is to protect civilian units from enemy players and the titular Red Death – an expanding cloud of deadly radiation that forces you to fight inside a constantly-shrinking circle of safety. Whichever player is the last to have a civilian alive is the winner.

You’ll pick from a range of special factions for this scenario, ranging from Doomsday Preppers – who get a 100% experience bonus – to Pirates – who take 50% less water damage. You get new units from clearing city ruins or raider camps, and once the Red Death circle starts shrinking, you’ll occasionally find supply drops with tanks, artillery units, and nukes for you to use.

Check it out in the trailer below.

You can get plenty more details in the official patch notes on Steam.

The folks at Firaxis recently promised a multiplayer mode “unlike anything we’ve done before,” and they’ve certainly delivered on that front. The September update also includes plenty of stuff for more traditional Civ players to enjoy, as well.