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New Civilization 7 details hinted by Firaxis job listing

Civilization 7 is coming, as a new Firaxis listing hints at lifespan and more for the strategy sim, which faces rivals in Crusader Kings, Ara, and Millennia.

Civilization 7 Firaxis details: A leader from Firaxis strategy game Civ 6

Civilization 7 is confirmed, as the next generation of Firaxis’ iconic strategy sim looks to take on new rivals in the form of Ara History Untold and Millennia, and old competitors like Crusader Kings. The sequel to Civilization 6 has been officially announced, but details on Civ 7 are still relatively sparse. A new listing from Firaxis however, which also has the superlative XCOM 2 under its belt, suggests some possible expectations and plans to the Civ 6 sequel, as well as ambitions regarding Civilization’s “continued reign.”

With the Civilization 7 release date on its way, the next iteration of Firaxis’ iconic strategy game is set to be one of the biggest PC launches of the near future. Depth, detail, character, historical fact – Civilization 6 has it all. Between Age of Empires, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and newcomers Ara History Untold and Millennia, there are a lot of great strategy sims around, but Civ remains the benchmark. Civilization 7 looks to build on that reputation.

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And now, a new job listing from Firaxis hints at some plans and ambitions for Civilization 7. The developer is seeking a new senior manager for product marketing with a “wealth of knowledge about the Firaxis portfolio of titles, especially Civilization.” Firaxis says it is planning “for the future of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises,” and needs someone who will work to ensure “Civilization’s continued reign as the best strategy game on Earth.”

Firaxis is looking to develop marketing plans over one, three, and five-year periods, perhaps suggesting the long-term lifespan of the next Civilization game. Desirable characteristics for the candidate also include an “understanding of games-as-a-service, virtual goods, and emerging technologies and trends,” again suggesting the potentially long life of Civilization 7 – or other games in the series.

Civilization 7 Firaxis details: A listing from Firaxis regarding strategy game Civilization

Civilization 7 will likely face new competition in the form of Ara History Untold and Millennia, two grand strategy games that offer a twist on the long-standing Firaxis formula. Nevertheless, it seems like Firaxis has some pretty big plans in mind.

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