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Cliffy B says he “will NEVER” make another game

A possibly hasty pledge after a Twitter troll account demanded a LawBreakers refund

LawBreakers arena shooter

Cliff Bleszinski says he “will NEVER” make another videogame. The vow came in response to a tweet that accuses him of refusing to refund players who had purchased Lawbreakers, one of Bleszinski’s last projects.

Tagging Bleszinski and the Lawbreakers account, the tweet reads: “you all won’t refund players who stuck with you all and spent money for you all to keep up the content. Cliff I looked up to you during the Gears of War days and sad to see you where you are at. Wish you’d come back. Now all that money is waisted [sic].” It’s the only tweet sent by its account, which joined Twitter only this month – hallmarks of a troll.

Nevertheless the sentiment seems to have upset Bleszinski, who points out that he didn’t take a salary for two years while taking care to pay those of his employees, as well as their 401ks (pension plans) and health insurance – even “months” after his studio, Boss Key Productions, folded. As Bleszinski will undoubtedly know, this is in laudable contrast with how Telltale Games executives handled  that studio’s recent collapse.

Given this, it’s perhaps understandable that Bleszinski should feel a little aggrieved. He clearly didn’t intend for Boss Key to collapse so there’s no question of fraud, and no legal obligation for him to offer refunds.

His vow to “NEVER” make another game is news to us, though (via GameWatcher). After the collapse of Boss Key, he said he would “take some time off and reflect” and that “videogames will forever be part of who I am and I hope to make something new again someday”. His tweet today suggests he may have decided against that.

Personally, I hope he said it in a heated moment and that he reconsiders. For all that he likes to talk, Cliffy B has brought us some brilliant games over the years – including LawBreakers – and Boss Key was considering some very cool projects at its death. If the modern games industry can’t bring us an action-adventure about “ninja/samural in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PvE ‘feudalpunk’ setting on floating islands”, then I want no part of it.