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Cloud combat: OnLive streaming tech brings War Thunder to low-spec and portable PCs

Gaijin are currently brushing up their Ground Forces expansion, which adds air-to-ground-and-back-again combat to War Thunder.

OnLive are the cloud gaming enablers who, despite protests they weren’t dead, definitely turned a decidedly iffy colour after they sold off all their assets a couple of years back. 

But they returned is surprisingly rosy form earlier this year, preaching the merits of CloudLift – the nifty bit of tech which allows subscribers to pick up where they left off in PC games on various portable devices.

The only issue back then was developer backing – though Warner Brothers were on board, only 22 games were lined up for the system’s launch. But they’re working on it: Gaijin have now signed up their airborne multiplayer shooter War Thunder to the service.

War Thunder for OnLive comes with all the known benefits of cloud gaming – access to the game on much lower-spec PCs than would otherwise be possible, and without downloading its client first.

Beyond that, CloudLift means any existing progress and purchases will be synced on the new device, and follow you back to your main PC.

“OnLive is making it possible for our millions of War Thunder fans to jump into combat quickly, wherever they are and on whatever device they’re carrying,” said Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev. “We’re looking forward to engaging our current players more deeply and more often, while bringing new users into our game.”

There’s a free seven-day trial available for CloudLift, which you can take advantage of by downloading the OnLive client and probably also sticking some details into an account sign-up page, as is the custom of our time. Do you think you might?