A new Code Vein trailer shows off a little cave spelunking alongside your murdering


It’s hard not to compare Code Vein to the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. It’s especially hard not to when a new trailer shows off what appears to be the segments to the game that are clearly taking many pages out of FromSoftware’s book. But that’s exactly what a new Code Vein trailer from Anime Expo is doing.

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Showing off the same enemies as the trailer that was shown at E3 earlier this year, it’s in a new setting – some underground caves. It still looks very, very Dark Souls, though. Slow combat, nasty monsters, and even a familiar clunk of the player’s armour.

This trailer does show off a few weapons at least, so you can get a feel for how combos flow together in combat. There’s even some enemy variety – instead of your average mind flayer knockoff, there’s a mind flayer knockoff with spikes in his back. Nothing says intimidating like ‘That enemy is harder because he’s got a few stalagmites growing out of it’.

Maybe Code Vein will be exactly the sort of game you’re looking for now that the Dark Souls trilogy (maybe) has ended?

Thanks, Gematsu.