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CODumentery is an unauthorized feature film about the rise of Call of Duty

codumentary call of duty documentary release

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty has grown to be one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Even if its peak may be in the past, it’s still a blockbuster making approximately infinite dollars every single year. Now there’s a better way to chart that success than ever with the release of the feature length CODumentary chronicling the series’ success.

These are the best shooters on PC, and you might be surprised which Call of Duty made the list.

It follows the franchise from its original PC release in 2003 amid a glut of World War II shooters, through the reinvention brought by Modern Warfare, and into the modern era of esports and annual releases.

Perhaps most interestingly, it’s apparently gone through without any explicit blessing from Activision, and promises to address the messy breakup between the company and the series creators. There’s also a big focus on esports, drilling into the lives of players, coaches, and broadcasters.

The documentary comes courtesy of Devolver Digital Films and Fizz Pictures, and is available for streaming on Amazon (free on Prime), Steam, Google Play, and YouTube Movie Rentals.

This year’s Call of Duty is bringing the series back to basics with a World War II setting, and Activision have been spending the week revealing details about the new game’s campaign. PC players will also get a fresh chance to hop into multiplayer action with an open beta later this month.