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Come in from the cold: Linux compatible games are all the rage at GOG.com

Linux games on GOG

Are you a Linux user who feels shunned, unable to play classic games without switching to Windows? The evenings spent crying yourself to sleep while chums play Sid Meirs’ Pirates! are now behind you, as GOG has just made 50 games in its catalogue – some old, some new – available. 

Half of them are compatible with Linux for the first time, to boot. Well, isn’t that lovely.

Back in March, GOG made a 180, promising to support Linux after saying, only the year before, that it wouldn’t be possible. A hundred games would be available for Linux users in autumn, was the claim. It’s still only summer, and we’re already halfway there.

The likes of Darwinia, Sir You Are Being Hunted, Duke Nukem 3D and Gods Will Be Watching have been added to the platform. And 23 of the 50 games are compatible for the first time thanks to some tinkering with the wizards at GOG. This includes both Sid Meier’s Colonization and Pirates.

To kick off this torrent of newly-compatible games, there’s a 75 percent off sale for some of the classic ones. It’s a welcome gift, basically.