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Command and Conquer community plans huge mod event for Red Alert, C&C3

Command and Conquer mods are overhauling the classic RTS games Red Alert and Tiberian Sun ahead of a live celebration event for Westwood’s strategy series

Command and Conquer mod event for Red Alert, C&C3: A soldier wears a pair of half green half yellow goggles from Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer mods are making big changes to the original RTS game, the spin-off Red Alert, and the 1999 sequel Tiberian Sun, as the community around the strategy series plans a huge, livestream celebration event for the beloved Westwood PC hit, recently remastered for Steam.

Beginning August 22, the Command and Conquer community plans to honour the great, wartime RTS with a variety of livestreams dedicated to the original games and some of their best, upcoming mods. Dawn of the Tiberium Age is one of the most ambitious. Developed over a number of years, its latest version, released August 21, delivers a wide range of changes to both the original Command and Conquer and its spin-off, Red Alert. There are new infantry units, new vehicles, new maps, and the nuclear weapon feature introduced in previous versions has been rebalanced to deal less damage to troops and armour, though it will still flatten any buildings within its mighty blast radius.

Similarly huge is Tiberian Sun Rising, a total overhaul of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars which likewise adds new units and abilities, as well as a brand-new system whereby you can cultivate your own Tiberium crops – if you start on a dead map with few resources, it may no longer be a problem.

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Dawn of the Tiberium Age is out now on Mod DB, whereas Tiberian Sun Rising remains a work in progress. Both mods, however, will be on display as part of the series anniversary showcase, which you can watch along on the Tiberian Sun community Discord. The Dawn of the Tiberium Age showcase is on August 28, whereas Tiberian Sun Rising will be on shown August 24.

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