Command and Conquer Red Alert remake, built by fans, is playable now

A Command and Conquer Red Alert remake is available now, from the same Generals Zero Hour modders that released the redux version of C and C Tiberian Dawn.

Command and Conquer Red Alert remake: A soldier in night-vision goggles from strategy game Command and Conquer Red Alert

Command and Conquer Red Alert remains one of the greatest strategy games ever made. It’s fast, it’s fluid, it’s funny. Between iconic units like the Tesla Coil and Tanya (“cha-ching!”) and the terrifically told alternate universe storyline, only Westwood’s own Command and Conquer Red Alert Remastered could build on the amazing 1996 original. Or so we thought. A team of modders, previously responsible for the amazing Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux, has just released the first demo for its Command and Conquer Red Alert remake, which transfers all the classic buildings, units, and – eventually – missions into the engine for C and C Generals Zero Hour.

Command and Conquer Red Alert Red Redux has been in development for years, with the initial version of Tiberian Dawn Redux launching all the way back in 2009. On the surface, the mod takes maps, units, buildings, and behaviors from Command and Conquer Red Alert and rebuilds them in the engine for C and C Generals Zero Hour, essentially providing a visually overhauled and more 3D version of the original strategy classic.

However, the aptly named C and C Redux Development Team has also created a variety of new units as well as upgrades for existing Red Alert buildings and soldiers. Combined with the crisp, detailed visuals of Generals Zero Hour, and coming updates that will add the Red Alert campaign missions, this is the ideal mod for re-experiencing Westwood’s original (and arguably greatest) RTS game.

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The current demo contains the two base factions, Allies and Soviets, as well as two missions and 18 maps for skirmish mode. The goal is to test functionality and balance as the development team constructs the full Red Alert campaign and other features. If you want to try Red Alert Redux yourself, you can find it here. And if that’s not enough, fans have also built what is essentially an entirely new Command and Conquer game, so give that a look, too.

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