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EA are still trying to tempt people over to Origin with more games 'On the House'


Update: A clarification - Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 isn't the first free game in EA's On the House promotion. The first game was Dead Space in March, 2014. Kirk has been sent to the naughty corner and he will remain there until 4pm (GMT) tomorrow. He is very sorry.

With Steam dominating digital PC retail and GOG gaining ground, EA really want you to download Origin. To sweeten the deal, they've just launched a new promotion called On the House. 

On the House will periodically offer out new games and expansions for free, with deals appearing and disappearing without timers - which means you'll have to keep checking back, which I suppose is the idea. 

Once you download the title on the offer, it's yours to keep and play through Origin whenever you like. "Our goal is to provide a great gaming experience and a way to discover awesome new games," says the blurb. "Having a game in your library, for free, is a fantastic way to see what Origin is all about."

To kick it off, you can grab Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge On the House

It's not a bad night for free games, with Amnesia: The Dark Descent available for free for a limited time. Aah, being a PC gamer is pretty good sometimes.

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RavenHawk Avatar
2 Years ago

On the house isn't a new promotion. A quick google search will tell you that much. C&C Red Alert 2 is merely the latest free game they're offering.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

My bad, I'll post an update.

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

This isn't new is it? I know it's been months since they gave away a game...unless they have changed the name of it and are relaunching.

MrJinxed Avatar
2 Years ago

It's definitely not a new concept of theirs. They've been doing it for quite a while now with having given away quite a few games.

hfm Avatar
2 Years ago

EA, maybe try fixing the fact that Origin doesn't scale under HiDPI at all and I'll think about trying to use it again.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Amnesia: The Dark Decent is free to own on Steam right now. Arms race between platforms!


Teddy Avatar
2 Years ago

Some of the other free games you missed: Dragon Age: Origins, Theme Hospital, Syndicate & Simcity2000

That's just the ones I was bothered with getting some have been worthless.