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The best Command and Conquer game has a big 3D remake you can play now

The best Command and Conquer game of all time, Tiberian Dawn, has a huge fan-made 3D remake which has just launched a whole-new version.

Command and Conquer remake mod: Kane from RTS game Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn

It’s a tough call to make, deciding which is the best Command and Conquer game. Red Alert is very special, especially considering it’s the one that gave us Hell March. Command and Conquer 3, and the Kane’s Wrath DLC in particular, perhaps represent the RTS series at its most refined. I even have a special place for Command and Conquer Renegade, which drops every single C&C tradition to become an FPS about a single soldier. Ultimately, though, I always come back to Tiberian Dawn. Ignoring the fact it launched the entire Command and Conquer series in the first place, its quasi-Gulf War aesthetic, comparatively dialed back mechanics, and lo-fi FMVs make it the purest distillation of Westwood’s genre-making opus. While the new Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection continues to thrive on Steam, a full 3D remake of Tiberian Dawn, built using Generals Zero Hour, is available right now via a big, impressive new version.

Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux is a total rebuild of the iconic RTS game with 3D visuals, gameplay tweaks, an overhauled UI, and more. You get 40 campaign missions across both the GDI and Nod, and the full skirmish mode. At its core, this is a mod for Generals Zero Hour, but in essence, it’s a total remake of the original C&C with enhanced graphics, mechanics, and features.

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The latest version of Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux has updated unit models, an improved enemy AI, new effects and textures, reworked skirmish maps, and a lot more. There are new physics for flamethrower units, the ability to destroy bridges on select maps, and tweaks to the economy and resource systems. Basically, this is the best version of the best mod that recreates the best Command and Conquer game. If you want to try it for yourself, it’s available right here.

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